Top Crypto Trading Strategies

As a potential crypto trader, there are many things to get used to, not to mention the fact that this new market is fraught with uncertainty and volatility.

Undoubtedly, the current crypto market, no matter how bearish, has matured with many opportunities. Therefore, a good trading strategy can be the difference between losing everything and actually making a profit. Here is a list of different crypto trading strategies to help you in your future endeavors as a crypto trader.

Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage trading is a relatively clear trading technique that involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of assets to ensure a profit from discrepancies in its price. In the context of crypto trading, arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange and then selling at a higher price in another market (or another cryptocurrency exchange).

This method usually involves the trader constantly paying attention to these price discrepancies (something that is quite common in the cryptocurrency market due to the amazing volatility). The success of crypto arbitrage is also highly dependent on the speed that can be achieved.

If done correctly, this method can be very profitable. Therefore, merchants who are interested in this method should consider using the services of bots for crypto trading. These bots automate the process and increase execution speeds. Another advantage that these bots have is the fact that they can monitor the market for longer periods of time, as they do not have to sleep or interrupt work, which is why the human factor is excluded.

Swing trading

Swing trading is another method that aims to take advantage of the instability of the crypto market. This is by no means an easy way to trade, as it depends a lot on the trader’s ability to “read” the market. In short, swing trading involves a trader holding a cryptocurrency for a period of time (several days or even weeks). During this time, the trader tries to determine the trend of his cryptocurrency based on the general upward or downward trend.

Fundamental analysis

Trading based on the fundamental value of a digital asset is one of the most modern trading methods out there. Not only that, but this method usually involves acquiring an asset and holding it for a period of several years. Because the crypto market is not that old, this method comes with its own risks.

The method involves traders who have to look at different indicators and try to determine whether an asset is currently overvalued or undervalued. The method, conceived by Benjamin Graham and popularized by Warren Buffett, is mainly used by companies. However, with a little work, it can be applied to almost any digital asset.


There are various other strategies that can be used to “beat the market”. The most important aspect to consider with regard to any of the trading methods listed above is that there are risks that come with all of them. Especially in the crypto market, where volatility is a key element.