IT Outsourcing Services

BTS will take the burden off you, by hiring team members according to our top priorities – guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of your venture, while locating the appropriate professional individuals, regardless of how niche or narrow the field of expertise is. This service will help you immensely with scaling your business and optimizing costs, and at the same time – provide you with the freedom to concentrate entirely on more fundamental business growth aspects.

BTS provides software development outsourcing solutions when you face time and financial resource constrains.

No matter if you require a stand-alone outsourcing solution such as performing quality assurance on a single product or require a more extensive partnership, where substantial software development or systems integration work is needed, BTS will assist you with various Human Resource challenges. We will help you with recruiting full-time suitable personalities with the desired skillset, as well as organizing the necessary office/work environment. All in all, BTS aims to provide you with the right software development outsourcing solution when your venture faces time and financial resource constrains in reaching its full potential or needs to briefly scale up operations in order to maintain momentum and productivity.